Student`s Essay Scope

I work with grad students a lot of times their scope is I would like to I would like to have world peace solve world hunger find clean energy and be better looking that’s what they’re going to do in their dissertation oh my gosh you know what is attainable you know sometimes what you want to do is a life’s work and not a thesis or a dissertation so think about scope is this something that you can do so one of the things you want to think about is can I get the data so if you’re writing the proposal think before your professor asks you what kind of access do I have on the data now y’all in the hard sciences you probably work in a lab you probably already know what your topic is. Find out how to find your scope for essay at Edusson.

In fact a lot of a lot if you all even kind of write the proposal after you’ve done all the research you don’t tell GSF anyway where they’re you know so so the proposal process is very very not that big a deal for y’all okay I’m going to say though I think it’s important to do the literature review up front even if you don’t have to because you have a much better idea of how your research your research and your lab fits into the broader context that’s just me even if your professor doesn’t make you do it I think it’s a good idea to do it can I get the data in the time frame allotted for my dissertation so maybe you will graduate we all want to graduate would you like to graduate sooner or later okay so think about that can I get that data in the time frame that I have for my research am i addressing one research problem or multiple to depart that’s that world hunger thing and clean energy okay.

And can i articulate my research problem in a sentence or two this is really important because in your head everything makes sense in my head everything makes sense it’s only when I start talking about it that I realize that I have some problems with my logic or my thinking okay because everything makes perfectly boy I tell you what I woke up in the morning I have an idea and I am brilliant you know and then what’s your idea and I start talking about it I talk in circles and circles and circles and people start getting more and more confused okay that’s something to think about as a matter of fact we’re going to do an activity you the person next to you riding up the elevator friendly sort usually we don’t talk on elevators but it happens to be a friendly sort turns to you and says oh you’re a graduate student what’s your research topic what are you working on what’s your dissertation about and I want you to tell that person in a sin no more than two if you’re really struggling three sentences.